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Rev. Sam Hubbard
Youth Director

Jennifer Burke
Associate Youth Director

Cameron Wetzel
Associate Youth Director

Bryan Umphenour
Worship Leader

Elevation Station

Sunday | May 7th | 5-7pm
Cost: $20 | Jump Socks Included
Open to 7th-12th

We will be celebrating the end of the school year for Crossroads this Sunday night at Elevation Station! We have rented out the facility for 2 hours, and jump socks are included in the price of admission. We will have drinks and snacks; students are also welcome to bring snacks to share. Please sign up HERE. After signing up, students under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver that can be complete at the Elevation Station website HERE!

Big Stuf 2017

June 26th-June 30th | $425

Big Stuf is a weeklong worship conference in Panama City Beach, FL. Students will hear relevant speakers, an amazing band, as well as have tons of fun on the beach with friends. Year after year students have life-changing experiences and encounters with Jesus and community. For more information about the camp in general, check out their website at!

Sign up HERE starting January 8th.


The Highway
Sunday Mornings | 9:45am | Junior & Senior High

High school and junior high students are invited to come be part of a service geared for teenagers. Our staff understands students are at various places along their spiritual journey. With messages that are relevant and engaging, along with music that is heartfelt and inspiring, The Highway helps “prepare the way” for students today by offering a space that is not only inviting, but also challenging, as we encourage students to move deeper into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Evenings| 5 - 7pm | Junior & Senior High

Crossroads is defined as, "A point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far - reaching consequences."  We believe that this is a space for all students to come - no matter where they are on their faith journey.  While students may just be playing dodgeball or drinking a blended up value meal, we hope each Sunday night that students will find themselves in the crossroads; brushing up against other students who are following Jesus and decide to follow too.  Join us for fun and fellowship at 5pm, ending with dinner from 6:30-7pm!

Life Groups 
Various Times | Junior & Senior High

Life Groups really are the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that authentic transformation and connections are made in these smaller groups. Life groups are a safe context in which students can get face to face with peers and trusted adults to ask the real-life questions they have about themselves, the world, and, ultimately, about God--not to mention, sharing tons of laughs along the way. A life group exists for each grade and gender. If your student is not involved and would like to be, please contact us, and we will get you connected to your student's adult leader.

Morning Commute
Thursday Mornings | 6:30am | Cafe Du Monde, Donut King (Hwy 59 & 1088)

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Why then would we not want to fill up on the Word as well? Students can drop in on their way to school at either of our two locations to grab a bite to eat, visit with friends, and participate in student-led devotionals for encouragement and inspiration for the day.


Each year, we need you to fill out a new parental consent form for your student.  You can download one to fill out for 2017 by clicking HERE