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Rev. Sam Hubbard
Youth Director

Jennifer Burke
Associate Youth Director

Rev. Cameron Wetzel
Associate Youth Director


Spring 2020 Calendar

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Big Stuf 2020

June 26th-30th (Friday-Tuesday)
Cost: $475
Deadline to sign up: April 1st!

Big Stuf is a week long worship experience at Panama City Beach, FL! Students will experience high energy and heartfelt worship, student relevant messages, small groups, and free time at the beach! Big Stuf rents out the Boardwalk Beach Resort for students only for the week. Students will request room mates at the May 31st Parent Meeting at 5PM. For more information, contact Jen Burke at

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The Highway
Sunday Mornings | 9:45am | Junior & Senior High

High school and junior high students are invited to come be part of a service geared for teenagers. Our staff understands students are at various places along their spiritual journey. With messages that are relevant and engaging, along with music that is heartfelt and inspiring, The Highway helps “prepare the way” for students today by offering a space that is not only inviting, but also challenging, as we encourage students to move deeper into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Evenings| 5 - 7pm | Junior & Senior High

Crossroads is defined as, "A point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far - reaching consequences."  We believe that this is a space for all students to come - no matter where they are on their faith journey.  While students may just be playing dodgeball or drinking a blended up value meal, we hope each Sunday night that students will find themselves in the crossroads; brushing up against other students who are following Jesus and decide to follow too.  Join us for fun and fellowship at 5pm, ending with dinner from 6:30-7pm!

Life Groups 
Various Times | Junior & Senior High

Life Groups really are the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that authentic transformation and connections are made in these smaller groups. Life groups are a safe context in which students can get face to face with peers and trusted adults to ask the real-life questions they have about themselves, the world, and, ultimately, about God--not to mention, sharing tons of laughs along the way. A life group exists for each grade and gender. If your student is not involved and would like to be, please contact us, and we will get you connected to your student's adult leader.

Every 3rd Saturday | Junior & Senior High & Parents

Roadwork is an amazing opportunity for students and adults to come together to serve our community and share the love of Christ! We have built wheel chair ramps, raked yards, picked up trash, painted, laid carpet... We do our best to meet the needs that come to us through our students and others right here in our neighborhood. 

Safe Sanctuaries - Key Reference Card

Students and ministry are our top priority. These key procedures are needed to maintain safe and healthy boundaries:

Screening: Everyone serving in the children or youth area - volunteers and staff - must have a background check, interview, and references in order to interact with them, as well as Safe Sanctuary training with an annual review.

The Rule of Two: Those serving with children or youth are not to be alone in private with them.

Transportation: It is never appropriate for a student to be driven anywhere without parent/guardian permission and two adults in the vehicle. Preferably with more than one student.

Counseling - In instances necessitating a one-on-one basis:
• Written approval of parent/guardian
• Written notice to other youth pastors or staff
• Presence in building of other adults
• During operational hours where other adults are in proximity
• Preferred location: Youth Office or Highway Breakout rooms

Electronic Communications:
• Neither Snapchat nor other forms of private communications are to be used.
• Text or other electronic communications by STUMC employees with children or youth will only be done by approved methods to include archiving and administrative review.
• Text or other electronic communications by Volunteers with children and youth will only be done within a group context with the parent/guardian or screened adult included.

We encourage you to report any perceived violation of these safeguards to the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor or SPR Chairperson.

Full Policy

Each year, we need you to fill out a new parental consent form for your student.  You can download one to fill out for 2020 by clicking HERE!